Art Director, Producer + Photo Editor



ciao. nihao. bonjour. kon'nichiwa. hallo.


The nicest idea of all, the simplest, is the spontaneous reflex action with which we try to hang on to a moment of happiness that’s just about to slip away. Rather more premeditated is our attempt to snatch a picture as the time races by and wave it triumphantly aloft as evidence that our own world exists.
— -Robert Doisneau

Hi.  I'm Alexis (just call me Lex) and I am a passionate art director, photo producer and photo editor with 14+ years experience in the world of design and photography.

I am currently the Photo and Video Director at Chen Design Associates, an internationally recognized design and branding agency based in the Bay Area. At Chen Design, I help our clients tell compelling stories for their brands through photography and video. I bring the best teams together and inspire creative excellence through each project the studio approaches.

Prior to Chen, I spent 6+ years creating visual stories for Tea Collection, a globally inspired children's clothing company based in San Francisco. With Tea, I’ve traveled the world to paint elephants in Jaipur, taste olive oil from 300-year-old trees in Piemonte, drink tea in a traditional Japanese ceremony in Kanazawa, and cuddle with a koala in Sydney. And all along the way I’ve been scouting, casting, producing and art directing beautiful stories and impactful images that help make the foreign familiar for kids in the United States.  

Before Tea, I was a photo editor at Dwell Magazine where I created compelling content for the iconic modern home and design publication.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the visual stimulation of the world and how it can reach people, move and inspire them.  I see the beauty in things and feel compelled to share that—no wonder I have always been drawn to photography.

I am a visual storyteller and I want to partner, collaborate and create with exciting brands. I am always looking for innovative ways to connect with people and share stories. Let’s start a conversation!